Our Upper Elementary program serves students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.  The primary goal of this program is the development of confident, articulate students through a focus on independence, responsibility, and self-discipline.  Students in these classes enjoy the benefits of small group instruction, cooperative learning strategies, and project-based learning.  With a focus on critical thinking and analysis, the Upper Elementary program creates well-rounded students that have high quality academic skills along with the social, moral, and organization traits that help them be successful learners.

The Upper Elementary program is team taught between our core teachers.  3rd Grade is self-contained, with their classroom teachers teaching all core subjects.  In Fourth and Fifth Grades, teachers each teach one content block daily, looping with students throughout their time in the program.  The academic blocks are designed to encourage cross-curricular thinking and lesson design that develops larger understandings.  The two content blocks are:  Math/Science/Health, and ELA/Religion/SS.  These half day blocks create brain-friendly classrooms that engage students and help build necessary organizational skills.

The Upper Elementary program has specials throughout the week that include physical education, health, music, technology, library, art and Spanish language classes.