All Saints Academy Pre-Kindergarten provides an academic and social program for students ages 3 and 4.  All students must be fully potty-trained.  Our Pre-K program offers full day services, as well as flexible hours for part time students based upon availability.

For the 2016-17 school year, ASA has two sections of Pre-K, led by Mrs. Cornish and Mrs. Lewis and supported by classroom aides Mrs. Heaton and Mrs. Hirshman.  Team Pre-K works hard to ensure that our program provides a developmentally appropriate and stimulating environment by striking a balance between structured and discovery learning strategies, whole- and small-group instruction, and free play.  The focus of academic study is on building the foundations of literacy and math concepts.  These programs are enriched with a variety of in class arts and crafts lessons, science investigations, technology integration, religion, and social studies.  Pre-K students also receive elective courses in Physical Education and Spanish Language classes.

The goal of ASA Pre-Kindergarten is to prepare all students for the academic, social, and emotional goals of beginning Kindergarten in a fun, caring environment!