Music Class at All Saints Academy makes Instruments out of Recyclable Materials

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The Junior High(6th-8th grade) students in Mr. Miller’s music classes recently completed a Recyclable Instrument Project.

Students were instructed to create an instrument made of only recyclable goods, give it a name, and make sure they could get three pitches from their creation. This unit is focused on how music can be created through the most minimal use of different objects as long as it has more than one pitch. All components of the project were
to be found around the households of the students.

Several students explained how they enjoyed working on this project with their families, “… and that is one of the biggest rewards,” Mr. Miller explained. Mr. Miller stated that in the future more project-based learning will be expanded in both Music and Technology.

The students enjoyed presenting their projects to their classmates, while taking a break from the traditional ways of learning. All these students put in a great effort and look forward to their next project, “Biographies of Musicians.”

Music,Education,ASA,Catholic Schools,Learning,Recyclable Music,Education,ASA,Catholic Schools,Learning,Recyclable

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