Our Middle School program is for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  This academic program aims to instill the values of Christ-centered leadership in our students, creating role models for our younger students, and the larger community.  Our students blossom in the role of peer role models, taking on a variety of service and volunteer projects throughout the year in conjunction with their academic studies.  The end product of our middle school graduate is a self-disciplined, academically successful, and articulate student that can seamlessly transition into high school with academic and social ease.

Students receive 40 minute classes in their core subject areas including specials in physical education, health, Spanish, art, music, and technology.  Instruction is accelerated in some subject areas, with our 8th graders taking Algebra I and our middle school language program equating to Spanish I.  Upon entering high school, graduates of ASA carry in credits for Algebra and Spanish I, resulting in some advanced placements.