Jul 6 | Summer Themes and Guidelines

Summer Program Themes and Health Guidelines


  • July 6th – July 10th: Community and Welcome Back Week
  • July 13th – July 17th: Lego Week
  • July 20th – July 24th: STEM week
  • July 27th – July 31st: Olympic Themed activities
  • August 3th – August 7th: Circus Week
  • August 10th – August 14th: Animal Week
  • August 17th – August 21st: Music, Arts and Talents Week


  • Students and staff will maintain six (6) feet of social distance as possible

  • Students in K-8 are encouraged to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. Students will be ENCOURAGED but not required to wear a mask.

  • Staff will be REQUIRED to wear a mask when interacting with students.

  • Pre K students are NOT REQUIRED to wear a mask during the day.

  • Classrooms will keep windows and door open in a safe manner to allow for proper ventilation and air circulation.

  • The hallways will be marked for one way traffic and there will be limits on the number of children in the hall

  • There will be signs posted throughout the building reminding students and staff of common health guidelines. The signs will cover the following topics:

    • Cover your nose and mouth with a mask when you are not able to socially distance yourself

    • Proper storage and disposal of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

    • Directions on how to properly socially distance

    • Procedures for identifying and reporting symptoms.

    • Proper Hand Washing and Cleaning/Disinfecting guidelines

    • Proper Cough Etiquette

  • Visitors will not be allowed in the building during the summer program hours (8:00-5:30 M-F)

  • There will be a limit on individuals in the main office. There will be a plastic partition installed.

  • All staff and students will Wash Hands/ Sanitize Hands:

    • At the start of the program, immediately upon entrance to the building (arrival)

    • Between program activities

    • After using the restroom and re-entering the classroom

    • Before eating

    • When leaving the program at the end of the day (dismissal)

  • Toys from home will not be allowed. If a student brings a toy to school, it will be confiscated, bagged and given to the parent at pick up.


Arrival and Dismissal

  • Parents of K-8 students will be limited to the front entrance corridor and the gym entrance. Students and staff will be the only ones permitted past the gym entrance. Students will be dismissed from the classroom to the front desk. Parents will enter at the main entrance the student will be called down for dismissal.

  • Pre K parents will be allowed to enter through the front door and assist their child at the locker area, they will not be allowed in the classroom. There will be six feet of distancing at the lockers when parents drop off their child. The same will go for the afternoon.


  • Masks are NOT required on the ASA playground

  • Group size will not exceed 10 students

  • Staff will be assigned to a group and will not “float” between groups

  • Program activities will maximize social distancing

  • The snacks provided will be individually wrapped.

  • There will be NO SHARING of snacks!

  • Lunches and snacks will be eaten in the classroom. We will not use the gym for lunch.

  • All lunches will be brought from home and there will not be access to a microwave.

  • In the classrooms, the tables should be 6 feet part.

  • The groups will remain separated until dismissal when members of the same family may be combined.

  • There will only be one person allowed in the restroom at a time. There will be a 6 foot separation for students waiting to use the restroom.

  • Students will be assigned a locker or a cubby space that will allow for personal items to be spaced out. All student items such as lunch boxes, hats, coats, water bottles must be labeled.


  • There will be routine daily cleaning of classrooms. Common areas will be cleaned more frequently based on use. They will be cleaned no less than daily.

  • If there is a suspected or confirmed case, the following will take place:

    • The area that was used by the individual will be closed off and cleaned/disinfected.

    • All shared building spaces are shut down, cleaned and disinfected.

    • Outside doors and windows in the affected areas will be opened to increase air circulation

    • The affected area will be closed down for no less than 24 hours, then cleaning and disinfecting will take place.

    • All common areas are cleaned and disinfected areas.

  • Any staff or student that is feeling sick MUST stay home.

  • There will be mandatory daily health screenings. They will consist of:

    • A screening questionnaire to be completed daily by the parent or student.

    • If necessary, a temperature check to be completed by a staff member.

  • Staff members performing daily temperature checks will be given appropriate PPE

  • Staff will complete frequent visual checks on students to determine potential symptoms

  • Any person that demonstrates possible symptoms will be prohibited from the building.

  • If there is a confirmed case in the household, students will be prohibited from entering the building for the duration of the quarantine period. The quarantine period is 14 calendar days.

  • Any student with a positive screening or exhibits symptoms will be isolated, sent home with directions to contact a health care provider and will not be allowed to return for one full school day (i.e. sent home at any time on Monday, may return Wednesday morning)

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