BREAKING NEWS: All Saints Academy is planning 5 DAYS of face to face instruction in the fall. If you are looking for small classes with strong academics in a value based setting consider All Saints Academy. Our small group sizes and large classrooms will allow us to meet all state and health requirements. We still have OPENINGS in all classrooms from Pre K to 8th Grade, Call the office (607) 936-9234 TODAY!
Financial Aid is available. Classes are filling fast!!!!! .

Special All Saints Academy Appeal

Families and Friends of All Saints Academy:
As many of you know the last three months have been challenging in many ways. As a community, we have endured a change to the traditional education system, restrictions on our daily routines, postponement of annual events and the temporary closing of our churches.  All of these changes have led to challenge being put forth that will further strengthen us as a community. All Saints Academy has launched a Development campaign that seeks to raise $100,000 in donations and increase our enrollment over 101 students. This challenge may seem daunting but I know the collective strength and passion of our community which gives me confidence in achieving our goal. Donations will be accepted in the school office, which is our preferred method and through our Go Fund Me account.  I ask that everyone please share the Go Fund Me account on their social media accounts.
As Father Jones states in our joint letter, “many hands make light work”. Let’s make this “heavy” challenge light by including many hands.
Thank you for your support and prayers during this challenging time.

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